Thursday, October 31, 2013

At thusday we were in Heidelberg it was very nice . First we played a game were the spanish people must asked some other people from Heidelberg some questions in english. Than we had enough time to go shopping and at least we went up to the castle and from their we had an fantastic view. Suddenly it started raining. After this trip chiara, alissa, and I made some cookies together it was an nice day :D Today we had school an the spanish people went to frankfurt. At 7 o'clock we went all to an restaurant an ate something and drink an coca cola.

Theresa's diary


While the spanish went to Weiterstadt to see the Berufsberatungscenter, we were at School.
Later we met at the Loop 5 and went Shopping. That day wasn't very interesting and pretty boring.


Today the spanish went to Frankfurt and we were at School. About quarter past three we could take our Exchange Student back home.
Because I had a private appointment Ines had to stay home alone. Now we'll meet at bar to have some Drinks. This day wasn't interesting too But I'm looking Forward to the good-bye-Party for them tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fourth Day (Wednesday 30th)

Today we met one of my german friends.We've played a drawing game,talked about Germany and Spain and laught a lot.
In the evening we all ate Pasta and salad.
Later we wanted to have ice-cream.So we went to "Palazzo" to get one.But outside it was cold.
Now we're happy to be at home again :-)
Tomorrow we're going to look for a typical german beer for my exchange father.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Third Day (Tuesday 29th)

Today all people went to Heidelberg by train.It was really funny.We've talked a lot during the ride.
In downtown Heidelberg we've done a quiz in mixed groups of five.So we asked a few people in german and a few in english.The people of the bookstore helped a lot.We've meeten a man of the university, who knowed completly all the answers.
After that funny game, we went to the castle.But only few of us have visited it.
At 4:30pm we all went to the train station to get home.
For dinner we ate fish and chips.But i've eaten "Wiener" (kind of sausage), coz i dont like fish

Theresa's diary

Today we went to Heidelberg what took 3 hours, because it wasn't planned what Train to take or something like that. In Heidelberg we did a quiz in mixed Groups of five. It was funny to ask the People in english and some of them even answered in english.
After the quiz we went to a Castle and some of us visited it. A lot of photos were taken.
We went home with the Train and later we met to drink something together.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Blog de Olivia

Hoy fueron a Darmstadt para bowle:DUn Foto de mi es manana en el blog.Buena noche!

Second Day (Monday 28th)

Today the spanish people should join in two lessons.But the dont unterstand some german,so Mrs.Perez had a eye on them in the café.
Later they went to Mrs.Muthmann and the Mayor of Griesheim called Gabriele Winter.
In the afternoon we went to the Bowling centre "Chaplin" in Darmstadt.We all had fun and a really good time.The spanish people liked our tram,coz the falled through it.

In the evening i had dinner.I've eaten potatoes,peas,carrots and typical german sausage called "Nürnberger".

El lunes

Today after the school we went to darmstadt. Theier we show the spanish people the shops and went to starbucks. In spain they haven't got an starbucks so they like the coffee very much :) . We ate pizza and than i asked here if she could explain me the "preposicones con infinitivo" because next week we write an spanish examnen and this topic i don't understand :D . It was very funny! I looking forward to tomorrow.

Theresa's diary


Today we had School and the spanish Exchange students should join our first two lessons. But our teacher wasn't informed about that and she wasn't amused when she heard, that five more People will be in her lesson. So Mrs Perez took them into the School cafe, while we had School.
During our afternoon lesson, the spanish People walked around Griesheim and later some of us went to Darmstadt.
We walked around the City and went into some Shops. Although we had some speaking Problems in the Train, it was a very funny afternoon.

Diario de Javier

Today we had got to get up very early and then we had got to go to school. It is bigger than IES Rey Don Garcia and it has got many more students but this school only have to 4° ESO. We were with the director and we gave her two books and a wine bottle. Later we went to meet with the mayor of this beautiful town. We gave her a vase with the history of the king Don Garcia. After that we returned to the school but in the way we plyed with somethings like a maze that we have to move a ball. In the afternoon some of we went to a bowling alley. It was great, nice and very funny, we come here by tram. I love Germany

Sunday, October 27, 2013

First Day (Sunday 27th)

In the morning we went to the airport to pick up our exchange students.After much trouble we found them at annother exit.
At home we've eaten pizza and talked about the german (bad) weather.
At 2 o'clock we wnt to "Burg Frankenstein" by car.There we had a really good and scary time.Many spanish people said, they didn't see something like that.

I hope we will have a good time and a funny excursion to Heidelberg.

Diario de Andrea

Today we travelled to Germany and after we went with our german family to Griesheim. We could go to the festival of pumpkins but it was raining a little. I after with Alissa, Angela, Chiara, Andrea and Valvanera went to the Starbucks. I'm very happy and i want see many things :)

Theresa's diary


Today we wanted to meet at the Airport, but we were waiting at the wrong terminal.
After an hour we realized that mistake and found the others at the right terminal. We all were happy to meet our Exchange Student again und we went home to eat something. We showed them where to sleep and let them alone fo a while.
At 12 o' clock we met at the market place, because we thought the pumpkin Festival there would be cool for the spanish People. But it wasn't and we sat down in an ice cafe. Later some of us went Bowling, what was very funny.

Diario de Theresa

En España hemos hecho Muchas Cosas interesantes. Hemos visitado muchos monasterios y Castillos. Aquí hemos hecho Muchas fotografias. Hemos paseado por Najera, Bilbao y Logroño.
También hemos practicado deportes como el "kinball". Eso fue muy divertido. Hemos conocido a la alcadesa de Najera y al director del instituto. Hemos probado el vino de la Rioja pero no me ha gustado. Hemos hecho buenos amigos.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hola hogar

Estamos en Frankfurt, por lo tanto casí en Griesheim.Era muy buen tiempo :-) 
Gracias por todo 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Rainy farewell :--((

Guten Morgen loite:

Not a nice weather for saying good-bye... !lo siento¡

Anyway, thank you all for your visit and for sharing quite a good number of experiences with us...

Wish you a nice trip back Ihr Zuhause

Bis bald. Javier

Jueves, 3 de septiembre

Ayer fuimos a la ciudad hermanada de Darmstadt, se llama Logroño.
Allí visitamos a la casa de Artes y Ciencias y al Ayuntamiento.Muchas gracias a los guías turisticos de alli por mostrar todos importantes cosas a nosotros, y claro por los regalos bonitos.
Después fuimos a una marcha para completar un par de fotos con este nombres.Pero la pregunta mejor se llamaba, ¿ Dónde está la estacion del bus ? Con este bús fuimos al centro comercial :) pero muchos tiendas estaban cerrados

Thursday, October 3, 2013

"Camina largo" pronto terminado

Solo un día hasta la vuelva atrás a casa de Alemania.Pero tengo mas experiencias, ahora :-)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

La Tarde de Dominique (Miercoles, 2 de septiembre)

Después de las excursiones con todos alumnos de Alemania, fui a unos lugares con mi familia de aquí :-)

Aquí unos fotos de la tarde:

Este es el hotel de la bodega "El Riscal".
Fue diseñado por el mismo arquitecto que el Guggenheim.

Esta bodega muestra el lugar de trabajo de mi padre español

En esto foto hay los restos de la fortaleza de Laguardia con tiendas detrás del.

Blog de Dominique ( Miercoles, 2 de septiembre )

Hoy hemos visto Santa Marìa en el centro de Nájera.En el monasterio había mucho oro especial.
Después hemos ido por del Camino de Santiago hasta la fabrica de muebles.El señor de allí nos dio una pieza de madera a nosotros.
Al final jugamos al pelota.Era muy bonito y divertido,pero la pelota duele mucho :-(
En casa he comido paella con guisantes y unas empanadillas.Era muy delicioso :-D

Estoy feliz paras los proximos días

Blog de Olivia
Hoy nosotros hemos visitado a una fábrica de muebles y la santa María .Además hemos jugado a la pelota. Me gusta mucho;)Es un buen dia.

diario de Ben

Nosotros hemos visto la escuela. Hemos ido al camino de Santiago y hemos visto una fabrica de muebles. Después hemos jugado a pelota a mano.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Diario de Alissa

hoy nosotros estábamos en un monasterio. Un hombre haciendo una visita guida. Después de la visita guida nosotros iremos una tapas bar y comiendo algo. En la conexión iremos al autobús y conduciendo a Santo Domingo. Haciendo una interesantes cosas entonces nosotros iremos a Najera.

Diario de Ben

Hoy estabamos en una bodega y en una iglesia. Nosotros hemos comido en un restaurante. Después nosotros hemos ido a en autobus a Santo Domingo y hemos visto un museo del Camino de Santiago.