Sunday, November 3, 2013


                                                                  at the bowling

                                                                    in Heidelberg

This are a few pictures of our week with the Spanish. And it was a good experience to do the exchange. 
Hello everyone!
Now the Spanish are gone and all of us are very sad, because it was a great time with the Spanish. Moreover I hope my exchange was happy here in Germany. We did a lot of interesting and funny things like bowling on Monday, on Wednesday we had a dinner at Vapiano, on Thursday we had a really nice and funny Halloween party (Dominique, Helena XD), on Friday we did a lot of shopping for the families and on Saturday we went ice skating. It was a amazing week and I miss my exchange student and I hope we can see us soon again. And thank you Ms. Perez for the organization!


Gracias a todas las familias, a los profesores... por su cariño y las atenciones recibidas durante nuestra estancia.
Verdaderamente,  nos hemos sentido como en casa.
 Bis bald.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Rainy Farewell

Now we've taken our exchange-students to the airport.In this minutes they start their journey back to their home.I'm happy to welcomed them here to Griesheim,Germany.I hope all of you had a good time the last week and will come a few times more to Germany.

So i wish you all a passenge flight and short transfer to Nájera

P.S: ¡ Nunca olvides la bruja, Noelia ! :-)

Blog de Olivia

This is the Picture of Tuesday.We were in Darmstadt by Chaplin.
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Ice skating Olivia;)

Today we was ice skating in Darmstadt.The Spanishpeople like it very much:)Olivia

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Seventh Day-Last Day (Saturday 2nd)

In the morning we went shopping to "Loop".We've shown them typical german chocolate gummies.We all had a lot of fun.
Later at 2 o'clock we went ice-skating.There we've met almost all exchange-students.
At 4 o'clock we had a drink at "Starbucks".

Theresa's diary

Yesterday we went to Darmstadt and met the others in the Herrengarten. There we played some games and later we went to a Supermarket where the spanish wanted to buy some beer. Their teacher had to buy it because they all were under 16. Later we went to a bakery and a book shop.
At 7 o' clock there was a good-bye-Party for them in the School cantine. There we met and everyone brought something to eat for the buffet. There was a lot of Food! And it wasvery delicious.
After we ate something, we got out and played the game 'Räuber und Gendarme'. That was alot of fun because we played it all over the schoolyard.

Today we all go ice Skating and later I planned to go to Hollister because Ines never had been there.
I'm sad that the spanish have to leave this evening but I will try to enjoy this last day as much as I can!
At wednesday afternoon we cycled to Loop5 (Fabio, Andrea, and I) it takes about 20 min. and I think Andrea liked it. The spanish people thought it is great in there and did a lot of looking around and shopping. 

On thursday we wanted to go to Jugendstilbad but the spanish people preferred to go ice skating, w
e went there but it just closed. So we went to Chiara´s house, afterwards we met with the others in the Piazza restauraurant and ate something there. Then we walked home.

Yesterday we met in Darmstadt after school. There we went to Herrengarten. It was good fun but it would have been better if we had had some time for going shopping.

Christmas Cakes

These are the fotos, which we had taken, while we were making Christmas Cakes :)

The Final Day :(

Hi! today is we final day in Germany  :'( I don't want go to Nájera because i like Griesheim jajaja

Friday, November 1, 2013

Today we went to school until 13:10 and than we drove to Darmstadt were the spanish people wait. We all went to the herrenpark their we played some games but it was very cold. Then we went in the City were some of our exchange students by presents for their parents.
This evening we had our party in school. :)

Sixth Day (Friday 1st)

After school the german met the spanish in "Herrengarten".There we've played a few games.
After these funny activities we went to "Luisencenter" for shopping.
At 7 o'clock our ending-party started.We had a lot of fun.The spanish ones liked the food very much.
Now we're planning the event for tommorow :-)

Fith Day (Thursday 31)

Today we picked up the spanish at 3 o'clock with our bikes.Now we're knowing the spanish teachers are keen on our bikes.
After that we went to the forest-playground.There we had a lot of fun.
Later at 6:30pm we had a Halloween party at Helena's.There we've laught a lot!
I look forward to the next the day,our last trip together.At Saturday all will be over :-(