Saturday, November 2, 2013

Theresa's diary

Yesterday we went to Darmstadt and met the others in the Herrengarten. There we played some games and later we went to a Supermarket where the spanish wanted to buy some beer. Their teacher had to buy it because they all were under 16. Later we went to a bakery and a book shop.
At 7 o' clock there was a good-bye-Party for them in the School cantine. There we met and everyone brought something to eat for the buffet. There was a lot of Food! And it wasvery delicious.
After we ate something, we got out and played the game 'Räuber und Gendarme'. That was alot of fun because we played it all over the schoolyard.

Today we all go ice Skating and later I planned to go to Hollister because Ines never had been there.
I'm sad that the spanish have to leave this evening but I will try to enjoy this last day as much as I can!

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